Index by Influence

Bruce Berger, “Fernando and Marisela,” In Short, edited by Judith Kitchener and Mary Paumier Jones

after words by doiron
Rumors of Giants

Christopher Buckley, “To Ernesto Trejo in the Other World,” Sky

after words by doiron:
To Nicholas Doiron Macaluso in the Pre-World of Beginning
Not Like Missing Socks

Stanley Burnshaw, “The House in St. Petersburg,” Contemporary American Poetry

after words by doiron
“The If Factor of Who”

Billy Collins, “Bar Time,” Sailing Alone Around the Room

after words by doiron
Lesson #60 (a.k.a. Mexico Time, October)

Rebecca Dunham, “Ontology of a Miniature Room,” Crab Orchard Review, Vol. 11 No. 1

after words by doiron:
Ontology of the Blank Page

Peter Everwine, “The Coat”

after words by doiron
“The Sign of the Cross”

Annie Finch, “The Poetess in America”

after words by doiron:
Who Would’ve Thought

Tess Gallagher, “Fathomless”, Moon Crossing Bridge

after words by doiron:

Diane Glancy, “Indian Summer,” Asylum in the Grasslands

after words by doiron
September Scorpions

Zbigniew Herbert, “Sense of Identity”, “The End”,  Zbigniew Herbert, The Collected Poems 1957-1998

after words by doiron
Philosophy as a Glass
Year One

Jane Kenyon, “Let Evening Come”, Contemporary American Poets

after words by doiron:
“Tell Them This”

Ted Kooser, “At the County Museum,” “Grasshoppers,”  Delights and Shadows

after words by doiron:
“At the Wrecking Yard”
“Garage Spiders”
“There Was Hail”

Maxine Kumin, “How It Is”, Contemporary American Poutry, Fifth Edition

after words by doiron
Is It Cloth

Philip Levine, “My Sister’s Voice,” “The Poem of Chalk”,  “Dust and Memory”, The Simple Truth

after words by doiron :
My Husband’s Rain
My Husband’s Snow
The Poem of Plants
Loco Moon
Can We Buy More Lives at the End?”

Perie Longo, “Litany” and “Winter”, The Privacy of Wind

after words by doiron:
Road Prayers

Federico Garcia Lorca, “Flamenca Vignettes,” Federico Garcia Lorca, Collected Poems

after words by doiron
“Schottische Miniatures in 2/4 Time” (6 poems: Suzanne Marie, Josephine Dehullu, Nightfall,
Death’sLament, Church/Farm, and Memo)

Thomas Lux, “Elegy for Robert Winner” from New & Selected Poems

after words by doiron:
“I Dreamed a Black Stetson”

W. S. Merwin, “The Camel Moth,” “The Answer,” “The Broken,” “The Herald,”  The Book of Fables

after words by doiron
“The Star Panther”
“The Purpose”
“The Knife Maker”
The Person Who Lives in the Blood
Rope for Her
The Daisy

Pablo Neruda, “Loves: Teresa”, Isla Negra

after words by doiron:
“Names Better Left Unsaid”
Isla Negra Arrived and I Remembered
“Yes, Flags Wave for Me”

Milner Place, “Favela,” and “The Trapper,” In a Rare Time of Rain, and “The Great River, Caminante

after words by doiron:
The Reader
Off Victoria Road
Harrow Song

Adrienne Rich, “Diving Into The Wreck”

after words by doiron
Divining Love

Rainer Maria Rilke, “Washing the Corpse”, The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, Edited and Transalted by Stephen Mitchell

after words by doiron
Green Room

Charles Simic, “Dismantling the Silence”, Contemporary American Poetry, Fifth Edition

after words by doiron
Building The Snake
“Assembling a Promise”

William Stafford, selected readings from Contemporary American Poetry, Fifth Edition

after words by doiron
What Happens When a Word Won’t Come

Ronald Wallace, from Ted Kooser’s ALP posting of Wallace’s “Sustenance”

after words by doiron

Eleanor Wilner, from Otherwise, “Night Fishing in the Sound”

after words by doiron
Day Watching the Weather

Jeff Worley, from American Life in Poetry, “On Finding a Turtle.”
after words by doiron
Along the Aisles of the Ensenada Fish Market


  1. I do a lot of writin’ — that’s for sure. And I try to acknowledge those writers who influence me by giving a link to their work. I owe them way more than that. Glad you stopped by, Jan.


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