After Words Collection

Poetry in the After Words collection is directly influenced by reading published works by other poets, both living and dead.  I am their student; they are my mentors; if they create texture by adding detail here and scraping other areas to the bone of simple noun, simple verb — I make every effort to do the same.  An alpha list of my titles follow.  Click here for an Index by Influence.

Along the Aisles at the Ensenada Fish Market

Assembling a Promise

At The Wrecking Yard

Building The Snake

Can We Buy More Lives at the End?

Day Watching the Weather

Divining Love


Garage Spiders

Green Room

Harrow Song


I Dreamed a Black Stetson

(The) If Factor of Who

Is It Cloth

Isla Negra Arrived

Lesson #60 (a.k.a. Mexico Time, October)

Loco Moon

My Husband’s Rain

My Husband’s Snow

Names Better Left Unsaid

Not Like Missing Socks

Off Victoria Road

Ontology of the Blank Page

(The) Person Who Lives in the Blood

Philosophy as a Glass

(The) Poem of Plants

Road Prayers

Rope for Her: A Fable

Rumors of Giants

Schottische Miniatures in 2/4 Time
(6 poems: Suzanne Marie, Josephine Dehullu, Nightfall,
Death’s Lament, Church/Farm, and Memo)

September Scorpions

(The) Sign of the Cross


Tell Them This

The Reader

There Was Hail

To Nicholas Doiron Macaluso in the Pre-World of Beginning


Who Would’ve Thought


Year One

Yes, Flags Wave for Me

In cases where a particular poem by a particular poet published in a particular book provided the springboard for my effort, I list all the particulars in a bracketed aside at the end.  In other cases, I may have read a number of poems by a particular author and that wash of their style in general is the reason a poem of mine becomes what it becomes.  I make no excuses.

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